a list of eco-friendly sites/companies where you can get other ideas of how to help heal the world


Second chance Bangkok

this is a place where you can donate your goods (clothes, computers, kitchen appliances, furniture, books, stationary…) that will be sold in their shop in Klong toey slum area for very low prices. By donating you help provide jobs for the people working in the shops as well as giving access to cheap goods for people living in that area. if you have enough items to give, they can come and pick up at your place.
Precious Plastic is a community-based plastic recycling solution that uses simple-to-build machines to turn plastic waste into new products!
Zero Waste Thailand was created in close collaboration with Zero Waste Philippines by an ocean loving mother-daughter team. they do have a shop of reusable items to replace unsustainable ones.

Recycle now asia

a site about what you can recycle in Bangkok, a list of companies that recycle waste (ewaste, hazardous…), some ideas of reusing waste by yourself…
you can also check their facebook page here.

Scholars of Sustenance

Scholars of Sustenance was originally created in Thailand, though they have now expanded to Indonesia and Cambodia. Mostly they collect food from hotels, factories, shops… and either give it to people in need if edible or provide it as a compost for farms around Thailand

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