plant a garden

it’s been a while, but with the covid-19 pandemic, i’ve been spending more time at home and therefore I decided to spend some time on my ‘garden’… Despite living in a condo, I have few balconies and half of one is dedicated to my plants, flowers and vegetables. Of course,...Read more

6 months challenge – update

if you’ve been here regularly, you know that on february 2019 i started a 6 months challenge where I would attempt to implement a new sustainable practice per week for 6 months in order to do my part to heal the world. The 6 months will be over soon but...Read more

reduce shaving waste

The next step in my 6 months challenge is to reduce the waste produced by shaving, whether foam or razors. It is estimated that 2 billions disposable razors are thrown away each year… and that does not include the foams bottles, the blades of the non-disposables razors… so let’s see...Read more

no more single use shampoo bottles

As part of my 6 months challenge to heal the world, I now decided to stop buying single use shampoo bottles. For now, I decided not to do my own shampoo but i’ll give some links if you want to go that way. Instead of buying such shampoo bottles, i’ll...Read more

less waste when traveling

With the Songkran holiday (Thai New Year), we went to Australia for a week. This means I missed my weekly sustainable practice but I will post here how you can generate less waste when traveling. What you should pack: First of all, if you’re flying make sure that you either...Read more

no more packaged soap

Latest step in my 6 months challenge to heal the world, I have stopped using packaged soap. There are few alternatives to do that, but we decided to make our own soap (Thanks Nad). how to make your own soap We decided to make your soap with Olive Oil (poramace),...Read more

Make your own toothpaste

Going on with my 6 months challenge to heal the world, i started doing my own toothpaste so i control what I put in my mouth and don’t need to throw away plastic tubes after plastic tubes. Why toothpaste? This is something we all use on a daily basis. Most...Read more

home made yogurts

As one more week passes by, my next step in my 6 months challenge is to stop buying yogurts in individual plastic pots. Instead, I reuse glasses containers to do my own home made yogurt. I enjoy plain yogurt and it is a good source of probiotics. It is also...Read more

reducing single plastic use

Hi again, as part of my 6 months challenge to live more sustainably, this week I’ll discuss about reducing single plastic use, whether bags, cups, glasses… Plastic problem in Thailand Living in Thailand, this seems like an impossible task, plastic is everywhere whether it is bags, cups, glasses, cutlery, straws…...Read more

alternative to plastic toothbrush

Hi again, i’m a month in my 6 months challenge. I have almost stopped using plastic bottles of water ( hard to avoid in some restaurants, though tea, beer, wine or soda water are all better alternatives, or when forgot to carry my refillable bottle). I’m not planning on purchasing...Read more