6 months challenge – update

if you’ve been here regularly, you know that on february 2019 i started a 6 months challenge where I would attempt to implement a new sustainable practice per week for 6 months in order to do my part to heal the world. The 6 months will be over soon but I think it is already time to check how it went.

what has been achieved:

As part of this 6 months challenge, I published 11 posts (it should have been 26…). On my road to reducing waste, I did the following (and published articles about it):

  • replace buying 1.5 littles bottles of water by getting 18.9 liters bottle delivered to my own and reused when emptied
  • stopped purchasing deodorants and replace it with an alum stone (has been lasting for 5 months already and I expect another 6 or 7 months)
  • composting small papers, food waste and organic waste instead of throwing it in the garbage
  • stopped purchasing plastic toothbrushes and replaced them with bamboo ones.
  • stopped purchasing yogurts and making my own ones in glass reusable pots.
  • stopped purchasing toothpaste, making my own with zero waste ingredients
  • stopped purchasing liquid or packaged soaps, and replacing with either my own soaps or soap bars
  • reduced waste when travelling by carrying my own soap, toothbrush, shaver, water bottles…
  • stopped purchasing bottled shampoo and buying it in zero waste shops in my own reusable bottles
  • stopped purchasing shaving foam

In addition to that, I also heavily reduced:

  • my plastic bag usage (almost none) and started recycling the ones I end up getting.
  • my consumption of packaged food, either eating out or buying zero waste or food in recycled recipients

I also started a page with zero waste shops in Bangkok.

Finally I created a heal the world facebook page where I share events and posts about environmental issues. New blog posts on this site are also automatically posted on the facebook page.

I hope all this also pushed some of you to act and take some actions to help heal the world.

what has not been achieved:

well I should have wrote 26 articles and ended up with only 11. I ended up finding difficult to find a practice a week to change (the first ones were easy) and also being busy traveling and doing other things. I have not yet been able to build a community of readers ready to help heal the world though I do have several people reading the posts/shares on my facebook page.

what is next?

i have no plan to start another such challenge at the moment, but I still want to help heal the world, so I will keep posting relevant articles here and/or on my facebook page. I am also looking into things that can be done on a larger scale, whether it is reducing waste, improving recycling, developing sustainable power sources, support forest restoration and protection… if you want to see other things here, as usual please comment below or reach me on the contact page.

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4 thoughts on “6 months challenge – update”

    1. thanks Charlene, keep the good work too. We can only achieve something by working together.

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