As mentioned in the about page, I want to do my part to help heal the world. This has only been getting more and more urgent following the pollution levels in Bangkok increasing every year to the point of being unhealthy. And I don’t mention all the pictures and news of the ocean or animals in the ocean trashed with plastic and other waste. Since one of the best way to stay motivated to reach a goal is to announce it publicly and get social support, here we go:


Over the next 6 months, every week I will replace one unsustainable practice by a more sustainable way. I will publish one post about that practice with my chosen alternative and other options. Therefore, this will be 26 new sustainable ways applicable for daily living. And 26 ways to help heal the world. The first articles should be easy but please if you have ideas or would like me to address specific subjects, let me know in the comments below.

the objective

I figure that my challenge could be harder but I really want to justify the choices i make and research them to ensure this is going the right way. It is easy to believe you’re becoming more sustainable with your changes, But if you look deeper, you may realize your chosen is not any better or even worse. I don’t have much experience in this, and i am at the beginning of the journey. So please if you see anything here that does not make sense, is or seems wrong, help me and all the other readers by commenting and questioning what i am proposing.

Hopefully this challenge will motivate and help some people to follow my way. It can and will make a difference for our planet. Even just raising awareness that we need to all commit to help save the world will a big achievement. We cannot just rely on our governments, organizations and big corporations to save it.

coming soon

Thanks for still being with me, I’m currently preparing for my first practice. I will get back to you soon with the first article about it.

weekly articles from that challenge

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