no more single use shampoo bottles

As part of my 6 months challenge to heal the world, I now decided to stop buying single use shampoo bottles. For now, I decided not to do my own shampoo but i’ll give some links if you want to go that way.

Instead of buying such shampoo bottles, i’ll reuse a plastic dispenser I have from previous purchase. And i’ll refill it with shampoo purchased in bulk at one of these 2 locations:

zeromoment refillery: this is the best place I have found so far in Bangkok to buy in bulk for things you cannot find at the market. They have cleaning and hygiene products, but they also have food (dried nuts, dried fruits, oil, ingredients…). They are also very open to add items people would be interested in getting.

Refill station: this is one is more oriented towards cleaning and hygiene products but they have some food as well. It is also a coffee shop where you can enjoy your drink and snacks without waste.

If you want to do your own shampoo, you can check below, please note that I have not tried those:
natural diy clarifying shampoo
bicarb vinegar hair wash
zero waste shampoo conditioner

Short post for today but that will give you ideas to stop buying single use shampoo bottles (without using soap to wash your hair…). If you want to check my other posts, I suggest you go to my 6 months challenge page to see a link to all. Please comment below.

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