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With the Songkran holiday (Thai New Year), we went to Australia for a week. This means I missed my weekly sustainable practice but I will post here how you can generate less waste when traveling.

What you should pack:

First of all, if you’re flying make sure that you either check a luggage or you don’t have anything prohibited in your cabin luggage. (you don’t want to have to throw away your powder, liquid, knife… if you’re trying to reduce waste…). I won’t go here in the debate other emissions generated by carbon. We went to Australia from Thailand so yes we took a plane.

your favorite reusable bottle: you will most likely need it during your trip to avoid plastic bottles. I recommend to keep it on board the plane. Of course, you need to empty before security check, but you can then in most places, fill it before getting on the plane. If you can’t fill it in the airport before getting on the plane, you can ask the flight attendants to fill it for you once on the plane (unless you’re traveling on a low cost airline). This will allow you to avoid single use plastic bottles during the flight or your trip. you can find some soft, collapsible reusable bottle to reduce waste and space.

your favorite reusable mug: Again, recommend to keep that in your hand luggage so you can use it on the plane for your drinks instead of plastic glasses or cups. You will also need it when you purchase a coffee or other drink on the go. Again soft, collapsible mug can be used.

cutlery: Here again, if you travel by plane, I would recommend to take the spoon and fork with you so you can use it for your food there. Obviously if you need to pack a knife, put it in your check luggage. You don’t need to buy any special cutlery, just take them from what you have at home.

toiletries: in order to avoid using the soap and shampoo provided from the hotel, make sure you take your own with you. ( Some hotel are now using refillable dispensers or containers but unless you’re sure it’s the case, you better bring your own). Bar soap is easier to transport. If you take liquid (shower gel, shampoo…) with you on the plane make sure each container contains less than 100ml and show them in a transparent container through security. (a reusable plastic zip bag is probably the best).

reusable shopping bags: You will most likely do some shopping during your trip so make sure you pack some reusable shopping bags. (Check about your destination beforehand, you may find out that single use plastic bags are banned there or not given by shops).

what else to consider

recycling: Unfortunately, what can be recycled varies greatly from place to place, so make sure you check what can be recycled where you are so you put things at the right place.

souvenirs: Shop responsibly, prefer sustainable products, local handicraft, locally produce food… avoid as much packaging as possible and don’t buy things you know will end up in cabinet somewhere or taking dust…

Enjoy your holidays: Remember this is your time to rest and enjoy. Don’t get obsessed with generating zero waste. What is the most important is what you do every day, rather than what you do once in a while.

Well I hope this post helps you to reduce your impact by generating less waste when travelling. Remember every little bit helps and you deserve to reward yourself from time to time for all the good things you do. Don’t worry too much about some waste that you have to generate during your holidays. What you’re doing everyday to save the planet is more important.

As usual, please comment with your questions/ideas below so I can add/edit the post with things I may have forgotten. You can review my 6 months challenge posts here. And thanks for following us and doing your part to heal the world.

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