natural alternative to deodorants

Hi, so for the second week of my 6 months challenge, i decided that I would find a natural alternative to deodorants (such as the sprays and roll-ons that last few weeks). The objectives are reducing the chemicals I apply on my body, reducing the environmental impact of the packaging...Read more

alternatives to buying bottle water

Hi, so for the first week of my 6 months challenge, i decided that I should stop buying plastic bottles. Therefore this post will discuss the alternatives to buying bottled water and give you different options to reduce your impact on the environment and drink healthy water. 6 months challenge...Read more

reducing waste to protect the environment

Looking at the environment problem, it is easy to be discouraged and feel helpless, the problem is so big, what us as individual can we do to help? Well, it is clear that we cannot let our environment in the hands of politics, corporate and other organizations. Our biggest power...Read more